EducaInternet: a new ViSH instance

We are happy to announce that EducaInternet, a new ViSH instance, has been released.

This new ViSH instance is a platform focused on providing content for the proper training of teachers and students on the topic of Internet security.

The website can be accessed at . It’s free for everyone to register and enter in the community.

The fork of the original repository is here: .


ViSH works now with Ruby 2.0

The latest version of ViSH works now with Ruby 2.0.
Besides, other several performance enhancements have been made: javascript and HTML refactoring, controllers refactoring, bottleneck analysis and fixes, etc.
ViSH performance has been improved by more than 20%.

This is a first step to migrate to Ruby on Rails 4.0 in the future.

ViSH 1.1 milestone

The ViSH 1.1 milestone has been published at .

These are the main features that will come with ViSH 1.1:

  • Ruby 2.0
  • Plugins integration in a Rails 4 compatible way
  • Performance enhancements:
    > JavaScript and views refactoring
    > Controllers refactoring
  • Workshops (final version)
  • Category improvements
  • API for Web Applications
  • Browser native reader for PDF documents
  • More customization features for ViSH instances
  • New RoR tests

Stay tuned!