ViSH 1.5 released

A new version of ViSH has been released.

Next, a summary of the main changes with respect to the previous version is listed:

  • Several bugs fixed
  • New recaptcha support
  • UPM style and terms of use
  • Minor enhancements

ViSH is now an institutional service of UPM (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid)

A transfer process to offer ViSH as an institutional service of UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) has finished. The platform will continue to be offered to the entire educational community for free. We hope that this transference will ensure the long-term sustainability of the ViSH platform.

A new interface and new terms of use have been released. Furthermore, the ViSH servers have been moved to the supercomputing center of  CeSViMa (Centro de Supercomputación y Visualización de Madrid). This will allow to provide a better service to all ViSH users.


ViSH 1.4 released

A new version of ViSH has been finally released.

Next, a summary of the main changes with respect ViSH 1.1 is listed:

  • Several bugs fixed
  • Enhancements in links and embeds
  • More customization settings (e.g. catalogue and metrics)
  • New ViSH Editor version (0.9.4)
  • SCORM 1.2 support
  • IMS CP support
  • Enhancements for the ViSH Recommender System
  • Workshop contributions enhancements
  • Moodle courses support
  • Central Authentication Service (CAS) support
  • HTTPs full support
  • License support
  • Web Applications API

Future developments will be included in the milestones section:

Catalogue service and tagging enhanced

We have released a new enhancement that improves the tagging of the ViSH resources and the catalogue service as well.
Now its possible to search/filter by tags in a non-case-sensitive way and taking into account internationalization.

The catalogue service of ViSH can work now using the enhanced ‘matchtag’ mode.
The wiki has been updated with instructions to set up the catalogue to work in this mode: .

Workshops: new educational resources for ViSH!

We are happy to announce that the first version of the Workshops ( has been finished and deployed at

A live example of a Workshop can be seen here: .

This new educational resource allows to design full learning experiences using other ViSH resources such as interactive presentations, videos and so on.

New enhancements will come with future ViSH releases.